About Us x

M&M Enterprises (MME) offers specialized services for every aspect of multifamily real estate investment and operating processes, including development, consulting services, property management, asset management, and project management to clients in government, non-profit, and commercial spheres.

With two decades of experience in the apartment industry, MME’s leadership focuses on lowering risk, maximizing flexibility, and increasing profitability and efficiency. As a property management partner, the company maximizes NOI on conventional properties and extends the community impact on affordable properties. As the liaison between clients and a third-party manager, MME is valued for protecting partners’ investments and meeting long-term asset goals. The company’s project management expertise minimizes change orders, prevents financial overruns, and avoids timeline contingencies.

Our Core Services x

  • Multifamily Development & Consulting
  • Property Management
  • Asset Management
  • Project Management
Working with M&M allows you to leverage our 20 plus years of experience in the Apartment Industry in such a way that gives you lower risk and maximum flexibility resulting in increased profitability and efficiency.
Day to Day operation of multifamily real estate with a focus on maximizing NOI on conventional properties while maximizing the community impact on affordable properties.
Flexible business models... Flat Rate, Monthly Retainers, and/or % variance options.
Tens of Millions of dollars in Operational Savings and Revenue in the Multifamily Market!!

We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on.

Our Specialties


M&M’s IT strategy team is guided with a hands-on leadership style and more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of large-scale mergers and acquisitions, including the execution of all IT strategies for a multi billion-dollar, publicly-traded, apartment REIT.

  • Multifamily Development  
  • Land Acquisition
  • Mixed-Use Development
  • Funding/Financing Structure
  • Entity Administration
  • Site Planning
  • Financing Modeling
  • Entity Creation


Tens of Millions of dollars in Operational Savings and Revenue in the Multifamily Market!

Multifamily Development & Consulting

Operational Strategies
Data Integration Strategies & Support
IT System Strategies
Buy-Side Operation Strategies
Vendor/Parter Strategies

Property Management

Multifamily Conventional Properties
Multifamily Affordable Properties
Operational Strategies
Operational Support

Asset Management

Multifamily Conventional Portfolio
Multifamily Affordable Portfolios
*Operational Strategies
*Operational Support

Project Management

Government Program & Projects
Non-Profit Programs & Projects
Private (For-Profit) Projects
*Strategies | *Plans | *Implementations

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